Hot selling Nano Glass built in double burner gas hob gas stove

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  • Feature: Long service life, Save energy, Easy to clean
  • Minimum order quantity: 300 pcs
  • Acceptance: OEM/ODM, Trade, Wholesale, Regional Agency
  • Payment: T/T, L/C
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    Model AQ-B259
    Material 7mm Nano glass top plate
    Burner 125mm+125mm Cast Aluminum burner with brass caps
    Ignition Type Pulse Ignition
    Heat Power 4.0kw + 4.0kw
    CTN Dimension 780*460*190mm
    Loading QTY 430pcs/20FT 950pcs/40HQ

    Product Description

    This cutting-edge appliance offers superior performance, superior safety features and a sleek design that is sure to elevate your kitchen.


    Firstly, our gas hobs have a stunning nano glass surface that won't leave any marks or stains. Not only does this make cleaning a breeze, but it also ensures a hygienic cooking environment.


    The nano glass surface is durable and scratch-resistant, meaning it can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. The glass surface is sleek and modern and complements any kitchen decor.


    Safety is our top priority and our gas hobs are designed with a variety of safety features to ensure your peace of mind. The stove is equipped with an automatic shut-off to prevent gas leaks and overheating. The gas hob also has a child lock function, which prevents young children from accidentally turning the gas hob on or off. Plus, the dual heads feature separate control knobs, allowing you more flexibility in adjusting the heat.


    One of the standout features of our gas ranges is the all copper burner cover. Copper material has excellent thermal conductivity, which means your food will cook faster and more evenly.


    The copper lid also adds an elegant touch to the overall design of the stove. The stove comes with a thick, sturdy square frame that provides excellent pan support for heavy pots and pans.


    Our gas stoves are versatile and convenient. Its recessed design means it blends seamlessly into any kitchen counter, saving you valuable countertop space.


    The range's large and small burner configurations give you greater flexibility in preparing meals. You can cook large dishes on one stove while preparing sauces or soups on the other. Plus, the stove's knob is easy to access, allowing you to quickly adjust the heat to your desired level.


    In conclusion, our built-in dual burner gas ranges with nano glass surfaces, copper burner covers and full safety features are the perfect choice for anyone looking for quality, style and function.


    Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, this gas range delivers superior results every time. It's easy to handle, versatile and durable.


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1.Q: What measures do you take to ensure the quality of your gas stove production?

    A: As a company that values quality and safety, we have strict quality control measures in place to ensure our gas stoves are of the highest quality. Each product undergoes a battery of tests and inspections to ensure it meets our standards for safety, functionality and durability. Our factory is also equipped with advanced testing equipment, and our expert team monitors every aspect of the production process to ensure that every component meets safety standards.

    2. Q: As a company integrating production and trade, what are the benefits for your gas stove production?

    A: We are a company that integrates industry and trade, which enables us to maintain stricter control over all aspects of the manufacturing process from raw materials to finished products. With a team of experienced professionals focusing on all aspects of manufacturing and trading, we have the expertise to develop and produce high-quality gas stoves to meet customers' specific needs.

    3. Q: When you produce gas stoves, what precautions should you take in details?

    A: We know that details matter, so we take great care to ensure that every aspect of our gas stove production is given the utmost attention. From the design and engineering of our products to the sourcing and selection of materials and components, we pay close attention to every detail. Our team of experts meticulously ensures that every part of our products is of the highest quality, paying attention to even the smallest detail to ensure optimum performance and appearance.

    4.Q: Do you have your own factory for gas stove accessories?

    A: Yes, we have our own factory to produce accessories for producing gas stoves. This enables us to control the quality and cost of our products and ensures that we have a reliable and stable supply of components. We use only the highest quality components in our manufacturing process, whether they are sourced in-house or externally.

    5.Q: What are the benefits of having your own packaging plant for your gas stove production?

    A: Having our own packaging factory ensures that every product we produce is packed safely and securely, protecting it from damage during shipping and handling. It also allows us to control the quality and design of our product packaging, giving us the flexibility to develop custom packaging that meets our customers' specific needs, while ensuring that every product we produce comes in perfect condition. Additionally, having our own packaging plant helps us reduce waste and optimize the efficiency of our production and shipping processes, making us more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.




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