CE Certification Gas Stove Hob 3 burner with stainless steel Factories

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  • Feature: Long service life, Save energy, Easy to clean
  • Minimum order quantity: 300 pcs
  • Acceptance: OEM/ODM, Trade, Wholesale, Regional Agency
  • Payment: T/T, L/C
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    Model AQ-G312
    Material 7mm tempered glass top panel
    Burner Cast Aluminum burner with 125mm brass cap
    Ignition Type Pulse Ignition
    Heat Power 4.3kw + 1.5kw + 4.3kw
    CTN Dimension 800*470*200mm
    Loading QTY 400pcs/20FT 900pcs/40HQ


    Product Description

    Three burner built-in gas cooker. Featuring an all-copper dispenser, cast-iron grill, and sleek stainless-steel tops, this appliance is perfect for a variety of cooking tasks.


    The most notable feature of our three-burner built-in gas range is the three burners, including two large burners and a smaller medium burner. Large burners generate high heat, perfect for quickly searing meat, frying and boiling water. The small burner is great for braising sauces and preparing side dishes.


    To ensure excellent performance and longevity, we employ all copper distributors on each burner. The copper material helps conduct heat better and helps consume fuel more efficiently, making our built-in gas ranges an economical and environmentally friendly choice. Cast iron grates add durability and stability to your pots and pans. They are able to withstand high temperatures during prolonged cooking without warping or bending, ensuring your cooking experience hassle-free.


    To complement the sleek, modern design, our 3-burner built-in gas range features a new upgraded stainless steel panel that is thicker and more resilient than ever.


    It is both scratch resistant and easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze. Our Pulse Ignition System ignites burners hassle-free and hassle-free. Just press a button and you're ready to cook.  


    Overall, our three burner built-in gas ranges are perfect for homeowners looking to invest in a quality, reliable appliance that will stand the test of time. Packed with features that ensure great performance, ease of use and , this appliance is a must-have for any kitchen. 


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Q: How does your company ensure the quality of gas stoves?

    A: We have strict quality control measures in every step of the production process. Each worker is responsible for their own workstation and must fill out a checklist to ensure every detail is taken care of. In addition, we have independent quality inspectors who conduct spot checks throughout the production process to verify that our products meet our high standards.

    2. Q: What specific measures have you taken to ensure the quality of gas stoves?

    A: We believe attention to detail is key to ensuring our products meet the highest standards. We have implemented a one-person, one-station production process to minimize errors and ensure consistency. Each worker is responsible for completing their assigned tasks according to a detailed checklist that includes measurements, tolerances and other key specifications. Additionally, our quality control team conducts spot checks throughout the production process to verify that everything meets our standards.

    3. Q: Do you have your own factory to produce gas stove parts?

    A: Yes, we have our own component production factory, which enables us to maintain strict control over the entire production process. This not only enables us to ensure the quality of the components, but also gives us the flexibility to customize them according to the needs of our customers. This also helps us manage costs and lead times more effectively, enabling us to offer our customers competitive prices.

    4.Q: How do you pack and ship your gas range?

    A: We have our own packaging factory, we design and manufacture custom packaging solutions for gas stoves. Our packaging is designed to protect our products while in transit, while also helping to ensure they arrive at their destination intact. We work closely with our logistics team to ensure our products are shipped in the most efficient and cost-effective manner so that we can pass these savings on to our customers. Overall, our attention to quality and attention to detail, coupled with our ability to control and manage the entire production process, enables us to offer high quality gas stoves that meet the specific needs of our customers.




    Brand packaging customization

    Product customization

    We have our own packaging factory, which can meet all the needs of customers’ brand packaging. Whether it is retail, distribution channels such as shopping malls or TV shopping, we can provide customized brand printing and high-quality carton packaging that meets drop test requirements.  We have a professional technical team to ensure the highest standard of our products. Our company offers more than a thousand styles to choose from, and we also provide our customers with the option to design or customize products according to their specific requirements. Each product is thoroughly tested by our skilled technicians to ensure its structural integrity, safety, practicality and other essential aspects before it is ready for shipment. By prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction, we strive to provide superior products to meet the unique needs of our customers.

    At present, the company is vigorously expanding overseas markets and carrying out global layout. In the next three years, we are committed to becoming one of the top 100 exporters in China’s home appliance industry, serving the world with high-quality products, and achieving win-win results with more customers.