Aimpuro Field Certification Audit

Today we had some officers come to work on field certification in Aimpuro .Firstly we came to our reception area ,clean and neat working environment ,deeply impressed them ,let them feel the warmly welcome from our big family.


Later ,we come to visit the office working area. We mentioned to the officers the quality of our products and services are based on the our employees. For the brilliant future of the Aimpuro, we follow a policy of recruiting the best people, and providing opportunities for development and advancement. To fully utilize the talents, strength and creativity of our people, we create a work environment which nourishes increased productivity, cooperation and solidarity.


Later ,we moved to our material warehouse,it set up with a management system and strong executive power provide strong support for us to ensure that the stored goods are in good condition, to ensure the normal progress of production and operation activities, and to ensure that customers receive satisfactory high-quality products.The officers took a look around to check material stock standard and to check whether had more details should be improved .


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After that ,we took officers come to visit the workshop and  our own box factory,cause it will show them easily how we control  material quality .With the professional workshop management and human source management,it is convenient for us to control the costs.Both two all together to support our customers to get the competitive price.  

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Later we come to visit the fully automatic assembly line in our workshop ,which surely increase the working efficiency and products quality .For our customers ,we can provide short delivery time and mass production capacity. 

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Then we step into the QC department for know more about quality checking process. Each product with stable and high quality based on Professional QC team, Our technician team deeply work in this industry and keep going further in this area.

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After checking the QC department ,we took officers to turn in to the finish good warehouse to check how we stock products after finish production let them see our  Well stocked and well protected products before each shipment.

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At the end of tour ,we walk in sample room to see the all products . Aimpuro had big and professional R&D team.With continuously new designs, our customers can easily catch up new trend of market and expand their local markets .

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Post time: Mar-30-2023