New product development and launch

In order to meet the needs of the market, and satisfy the requirements of our customers, and in order to expand more market shares, our company is actively committed to the development of various types of new products.
In 2022, our company launched a number of new products, such as New type gas stove with timer and FFD and other series of products, and we have got a lot of satisfaction feedback from customers.

What is gas stove with timer and FFD?
The timing function and safety device function are added to the traditional products. The timing function can satisfy the user to set the working time when using this product, and the gas stove can automatically flameout and stop working under the function set. Bring great convenience to the end consumer. And equipped with safety device, after automatic flameout will not appear the problem of gas leakage, the valve will automatically close, to ensure the safety of the user.

Type of gas cooker with timer
The gas stove with timer is divided into electronic timing and mechanical timing, electronic timing is processed by the chip, there is no safety risk, but it is good to consume a certain amount of electricity, but when you do not open the timer, it will not produce too much power consumption; The mechanical timing may produce certain resistance, which will affect the use of the battery.


The advantage of the gas cooker with timer
However, this kind of gas stove can greatly facilitate people's life to a large extent. For example, in order to watch the fire while making soup on the fire, people will keep running to the kitchen in fear during this period of time, and they can do nothing well. If the gas stove is used, they can make an appointment for the time, and some gas stoves can even make an appointment for the size of the fire. Will adjust the heat, and close the gas stove, and the range hood is also connected with the gas stove, can be automatically switched on.

Post time: Dec-17-2022